7 thoughts on “Aliyah then and now

  1. I wonder how many of the “old” Aliyah people had their conversions and marriages disallowed because their Rav wore a diffrent Kippot, or that their conversion “wasn’t Orthodox”. I think they had it better back then…when Israel was a true Democracy, one who welcomed Jews of all levels and not a theocracy as it is heading toward today.

  2. Oh, you mean back when israel was socialist (NOT a democracy) and deeply racist towards mizrachi jews? When it couldn’t confront or properly care for the holocaust survivors living in their midst?
    Yea, it’s bad now, but don’t be foolish. Part of being educated is refusing to think of the past as some sort of myth.

  3. I’m sorry. By back then, you mean before 1965 when Arabs lived under martial law? Or after ’67, which established to occupation?
    Israel has never been a true democracy. It has never had civil marriage and divorce, it has never offered full equal protection to all citizens. If the rabbanut gets you upset, but Israel’s ethnic character does not, its not democracy you are looking for, but an ethnocracy that only excludes people who are not like you.

  4. Okay, so the first guys are Russian socialists, then come the Poles (Galitzianers), then the Yemenites, then the Germans, and then the Moroccan-French, and finally the Georgians. Wonder what a “modern” update would look like. Ain’t ethnic humor fun?
    Also, could an Arabic speaker tell me what “éðòàòì ãéï áàáåø àìéà â’áí” means? They all seem to be saying it.

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