All Rushkoff, All The Time

The success of Douglas Rushkoff’s latest projects, Testament and Get Back in the Box, have put the on-again-off-again Jewschool contributor’s unique ideas about God and Torah back on the radar, with a series of rather interesting conversations on such subjects taking place in some rather unexpected forums. Here’s a sampling of the most provoking material I’ve come across in the last month:

  • “Thou Shalt Realize the Bible Kicketh Ass” — R.U. Sirius, author of Counterculture Through The Ages, interviews Rushkoff about Testament
  • Pop Occulture Interview — Tim Boucher interviews Rushkoff about Torah, technology and media theory
  • “Is God Still Necessary” — Rushkoff dukes it out with Rabbi Andy Bachman of Brooklyn Jews over the relevancy of God to the modern Jew
  • Mixed Multitudes — editor-in-chief Daniel Septimus authored a series of posts invoking Rushkoff recently and wound up getting into a rather interesting conversation with him that was ultimately hijacked by Blogs of Zion’s Ariel Beery who, I guess, has decided to extend his beef with me to my “enablers.”

2 thoughts on “All Rushkoff, All The Time

  1. why do i feel like whenever i bother to write a long post somewhere, everyone’s decided to stop talking by then? or am i somehow ending these conversations…

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