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All you had to do was give Rabbi Jacobs a chance

As you may have heard by now, the Union for Reform Judaism has chosen Rabbi Richard (Rick) Jacobs of Westchester, New York, as its next president, to succeed Rabbi Eric Yoffie, who is retiring after 16 years. Here at Jewschool, we wish Rabbi Jacobs the best in his leadership of the Reform movement, but we are left with one burning question: We are wondering whether he is related to Gregory E. Jacobs, aka Shock G, the former member of Digital Underground best known for his alternate persona Edward Ellington Humphrey III, aka Humpty Hump.
They share more than a last name: As a number of news reports have noted, Rabbi Jacobs is doing a Ph.D. in ritual dance, and Mr. Jacobs has “even got [his] own dance“. Rabbi Jacobs leads one of the largest Jewish congregations in America; both how Mr. Jacobs is living and his nose are large.
Whether or not they are related, we hope Rabbi Jacobs’s tenure at the URJ will be committed to the Reform Jewish values of informed autonomy (“No two people will do it the same”), inclusivity (“Anyone can play this game”), intellectual honesty (“Oh yes ladies, I’m really being sincere”), and social justice (“Peace and humptiness forever”).

15 thoughts on “All you had to do was give Rabbi Jacobs a chance

  1. Hmm, I’m not sure. He seems like a slender fellow, certainly not the kind to go to kiddush and eat up all the crackers and licorice.

  2. I think Shock G. would make a great Reform leader
    1/ Like Reform theology Shock G. is only partly Jewish
    2/ At the age of 47 he would easily personally relate to the youngest members of Reform Judaism (see ‘young’ commenters above)
    3/ ‘Digital’. He can keep repeating that word and people will think he’s on the bleeding edge, which is all you need to be a Reform leader.
    Dave ‘Dave’ Boxthorn

  3. BZ: But Humpty also said “Look at me, I’m skinny.”
    And it never stopped him from getting busy!

    Let alone why “yes, ladies, I’m really bein’ sincere.”

  4. Right,
    THe Reform values are reiterated by Digital Underground’s other hit single “Doowatchalike”…
    I wonder if Rabbi Jacobs likes biscuits? As in, “just grab ’em in the biscuits”

    1. Also, Rabbi Jacobs has been involved with the Rabbinic Vision Initiative, an effort to change the way the URJ operates, and Mr. Jacobs is about to ruin the image and the style that you’re used to.

  5. Hilarious. He is the ‘new fool in town’ and as head of a movement, we know he’ll be ‘makin’ money, see…’
    But will he create new nomenclature? Like ‘looptid?’

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