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Almost hysterical review of "raunchy gay fantasia" set in Tel Aviv

Salon offers an entertaining review of the new film Antarctica. Apparently, the new film is pretty much just a walk onthe wild side for the more or less mainstream audience interested in gay sex in Tel Aviv.

If “The Bubble” worshiped a bit too studiously at the temple of “Sex and the City,” at least until its final and thoroughly implausible turn into tragic darkness, “Antarctica” seems to be a film made by blending “Melrose Place” and Stephen Frears’ 1987 boho sex romp “Sammy and Rosie Get Laid,” turning all the characters gay and Jewish, and setting them loose to hump each other like wild dogs. Admittedly, there have been worse ideas than that. Indeed, with its rampant and impressive displays of naked manflesh in action — perhaps there’s a combination of two male characters in this movie who don’t screw, but I’d need a chart to figure it out — it’s not surprising that “Antarctica” has been a sensation with gay audiences (and attracted a not-insignificant number of female eyeballs as well).

I dunno if it’s exactly the sort of thing I’d go to New York to see, but hey, maybe it’s your cup of tea. Enjoy…

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