4 thoughts on “Alright, this is pretty F’ed up right here…

  1. “Alright, this is pretty F’ed up right here…”
    Yep, there are some real crazy people out there who use the internet to find victims. We have similar problems as well in our own community.

  2. yeah that’s fucked up, but this incident is very different. this woman wasn’t a sexual predator. she was a member of a militant group that had men with ak47s waiting to assasinate a boy.

  3. I think you’re missing my more general point. The internet has become a haven for predators of various kinds (terrorists, pedophiles) who target children. Their motives may on the surface may differ: 1) political aims – A.K.A. killing jews and 2) sexual/domination. In the end it’s all about having power and hurting children. The important thing is proper parental supervision. I’ve heard the reason Bill Gates shut down MSN’s chat rooms was that he discovered his kid was communicating with over a dozen anonymous people.

  4. why don’t you just state the sky is blue?
    and as far as i know, this is the first incident of this nature, and a pretty fucked up ploy on behalf of the terrorists involved.

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