Alternative Religion

This week on Jon Stewart’s This Week in God, they explore Alt Religions – which is like alt country but with half the whiskey and 1/3 the Ryan Adams. (onegoodmove)
And in Nothing to See Here, in the latest issue of The L – soon to be the outdated issue of the L – Rebecca Schuman designs evangelical Judaism.

Have you ever noticed that all those sweet megachurches with their charismatic Pastor Scotts and their pyrotechnics and their CEO Worship Hours all have one thing in common? Yes, that’s right, Christianity. But the problem with Christianity is that you can’t be Jewish. Do you see where I’m going here? I hope you do.

Plus, everyone’s favorite religious singer-songerwriter, Sufjan Stevens, is having another Illinoise release. The award winning album is getting the full treatment, Asthmatic Kitty says: “Most of the unused material from the ILLINOIS album, featuring 21 songs, instrumentals, interludes and demos, including three alternate versions of Chicago, as well as cameos from Clyde Tombaugh (the man who discovered Pluto), Adlai Stevenson, Henry Darger, and Ann Landers, to name a few.” (Brooklyn Vegan)

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