Amy Winehouse: Best British Female Solo Artist

The Indy reports:

Her behaviour was nothing less than shocking at the Brit Awards. Everyone agreed, she let the side down pretty badly. Tchuh. You think you know people, think you can trust them to turn in a reliable performance – and they go and ruin it. Amy Winehouse just flatly refused to get drunk, swear, vomit, smoke a joint or storm out. Not once did she tell the writhing popinjay Russell Brand to eff off with his smart remarks about her incipient alcoholism. She sang “Rehab” with a sweet uncertainty, hitching up her red frock to mid-thigh level, but delicately, carefully, as though primly fastidious about revealing her knickers. Her acceptance speech, far from being a rant about the awfulness of Dido or the rapacity of A&R men, was a little-girl stutter of “ers” and “ums” before she declared “I’m just glad my mum and dad are here” and exited, probably for a lovely family night out. It was hopeless. “They tried to make me go to rehab?” More like, “They tried to persuade me to have a small sherry and enjoy myself, but I said no, no, no…”. At this rate, we’ll soon have to stop waiting for her to self-destruct, and start listening to her singing.

God I love her.

10 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse: Best British Female Solo Artist

  1. This story indicates what I find most absurd about Amy Winehouse. Her behavior is far more interesting than her music is. I’d much rather read a dispatch about her self-destructing than listen to “You Know I’m No Good” again.

  2. is she like a real celebrity? cause ive only heard about her on jewschool and jewlicious. of course im kinda out of the loop these days.

  3. I saw her live last month, tiny show at joe’s pub. one of the best perfromances i’ve ever seen. she’s currently one of the darlings of the record industry.
    her music knocks her behavior out o fthe ballpark.

  4. Yes, Amy is very popular and has been causing a real stir – both for her music and her antics and is very good at making sure she is kept in the public eye. Tickets for her London gig tonight are going for over £125 each that’s $250.
    Oh, and don’t you think she bears a passing resemblence to porn star Joanna Angel?

  5. No, Mobius. Only the most recent one. But honestly, since it’s her voice that annoys me, I can’t imagine the first album will be any better. (She sounds a bit like Joanna Newsom. Who I can’t stand either.)

  6. i love the review. i love Ms. Winehouse!! per usual, i am late to the party on this one. but i still love her. these are my only regrets: having “discovered” her so late and that she ONLY has 2 albums.
    as for her behaviour…honestly! she’s only 23!! what else do you expect a young person to be doing? i’m 29 (honestly) but when i was 23 i could have drank Yeltsin under the table. but that’s neither here nor there.
    Amy is one of the most refreshing voices i’ve heard in such a long time. i wish i could keep her all to myself, i love her music so. but alas, sadly, by the time I’VE heard about someone….they’ve gone pop by then.

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