An Effective Deterrent Against Terror If Ever There Was One

Fresh off the photo wire:

Palestinian worshippers climb over a section of Israel’s separation barrier from the West Bank village of A-Ram to Jerusalem on their way to pray at the Al Aqsa Mosque, in this Oct. 20, 2006 file photo. A towering wall cutting through Jerusalem has become a symbol of the troubled city. To Israelis, it’s a bulwark against Palestinian suicide bombers. To Palestinians, it means hardship and theft of their future capital. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

That’s not a security wall. It’s a (landgrabbing) speed bump.
(c/o Ezra H.)

13 thoughts on “An Effective Deterrent Against Terror If Ever There Was One

  1. landgrabbing speed bump, come on. If I had people living next to me that keep walking into my yard and blow up in my living room. I’d put up a damn fence too. That’s common sense.

  2. Looks like they are climbing over the fence to me. Why radicalize the population and alienate neutral parties with a fence that doesn’t seem to work anyway?

  3. “It’s a (landgrabbing) speed bump.”
    So says Jimmy Carter. Honestly, I don’t know anymore. I have to remind myself about all the wars Israel has had to fight. And the constant threats…and the suicide bombings. But if Israel was Canada, and built a wall on land inside the US, then yes, I’d call it a land grab.
    I can’t help but wonder how things would be different if Israel built every inch of her security wall/fence within pre-67 territory. Would it appease anybody? Am I the only one who believes that the only difference between 2006 and 1967 is that Israeli’s are dressing better and listening to half decent music? I still believe that Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, dream about a day without Israel.

  4. I totally agree with Shtreimel — criticizing the shit out of Israel for the security wall is like blaming a camel for its hump. Israel has to defend itself, and the 1949 armistice borders are bs. You can read about my Jimmy Carter analysis on this issue on I’d love comments and contributions!

  5. Well, I was laughing so hard over the photo, that it took me a while to calm down enough to read the words.
    I’m shocked, SHOCKED, at the hostility here (good job, Mobius, as usual).
    And, for the rage and wrath of these commentors: . If you scroll to ‘Philadelphia, PA,’ there are a few photos that I took. Sorry, not one of them is ironic, though (unless you factor in that it took me a couple of hours to write the Hebrew text from Leviticus, held by the (very Jewish) woman, in the last picture.

  6. To CCinGermany – Maybe you weren’t paying attention a few short years ago when Palestinians were exploding on every corner, restaurant and bus. Things have settled down quite a bit thanks, in part, to the security barrier. Now you just can’t live too close to the defacto noble State of Palestine in Gaza.

  7. I believe CC is talking about radicalizing the Palestinian population. Here’s the Rashi to her comment, for those of you can’t think past your Jeroboam-centric weltenschaung and figure it out on your own.
    The Wall creates economic hardships for the Palestinian people, which causes more suffering, which gives their Islamist “leaders” more opportunities to spit endless amounts of vitriol, thereby brainwashing another generation of would-be suicide bombers.
    àì úôúç ôä ìùèï
    I could go on regarding this topic for days, but I’m tired.

  8. The fence is a last-ditch land-ditch, not a land-grab. They will never take the necessary steps to allow a rational government to create a Palestinian State. Instead, you have the unilateral fencing out of chunks of land by the concrete monstrosity in order to establish an Amoeba-like Islamist theme-park in the heart of Israel.
    Oslo failed, though pushed through undemocratically. The Disengagement was voted down – first when Amram Mitzna proposed it and then in the Likud referendum – only to be shoved through undemocratically. It has blown up in everyone’s face and yet this stupid wall – which was pushed through by lying to the people about its goal being protection from terrorism – continues to partition the land. At the beginning people realized it was a border, but then the Hague went after it and it was kind of a Jedi mind trick – well if the Hague is against it for reason bla bla bla and I support it if it is for those reasons – then I support it.
    Both righties, lefties, environmentalists, historians – everybody – should be against this wall. It does nothing constructive. A recent Channel 10 expose showed there are holes in the fence portions aproximately every hundred yards and the army has just shut off the alarm system because it never stops ringing. The photographer who took that photo is sitting on top of the wall – he climed up there in broad daylight with a camera. It is a unilateral border fence forcing the creation of a Palestinian State upon a battered population due to some shady deal with the Saudis and their buddiedm etc etc.
    Time for right and left to come together to tear down the idiotic wall.

  9. You can always take the wall down once there is no need for it’s existance.
    You can put pieces of dead people back together!
    The Arabs have created it by their actions and in action in preventing the attacks on Israeli people.
    remember victims of Homicide bombs and other attacks are also Arabs so it saves all lives not only jews if that should matter any way.
    I personally would clad it in Jerusalem stone to make it look good,.
    The Ottoman Muslims built a wall round Jerusalem so whats the difference?

  10. Ok. Here’s a thoroughly unoriginal idea regarding the wall, which both right and left should support, if, indeed, the wall is for security purposes:
    Move the fucking thing to within the 67 borders.
    Then, no one can claim that it exists to steal land (which it does). No one can refer to it as the ‘Warsaw Ghetto Memorial Wall’ (which I once did in an article on Israeli opposition to it). No one can then call it an ‘apartheid’ wall.
    Then, along the legal boundaries of the legal State of Israel, the wall will be, indeed, for security.

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