An Oldie But Goodie

In the late 1930s, a Jew is traveling on the subway reading a Yiddish newspaper. Suddenly, to his dismay, he spots a friend of his sitting just opposite him, reading the notoriously anti-Semitic Der Sturmer. He glares at his friend in anger: “How could you read that Nazi rag?”

Unabashed, the friend looks up at him. “So what are you reading, the Yiddish paper? And what do you read there? In America Jews are assimilating. In Palestine, the Arabs are rioting and killing Jews. In Germany, they’ve taken away all our rights.

“I read this magazine, Der Sturmer. It says Jews are controlling the media. They run the economy. They own the banks. They’re in control of the universe. If you want good news and a fresh perspective, go to the anti-Semites!” (c/o Grubness)

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