7 thoughts on “Anarcho-Socialist Trends in The IDF?

  1. That’s just a checkpoint flag, isn’t it?
    Once I was wearing a shirt with a red and black flag on it at school and a palestinian friend of mine who happened to be working coffee at the library really started when she saw it. She was like, “why are you wearing that army flag?”
    I was like, “whuh?” Then I remembered from my trip to the West Bank what she was talking about.

  2. nah, it’s the flag of the artillery unit…i know that because i asked harry when i first saw it thinking the same thing as asaf, and he schooled my ass.

  3. I’ve seen it in black and green, also, what’s the distinction in the army?
    In anarchism black and green is eco-anarchism…
    …not that there’s any kind of sustained anarchist attempt to make new anarchists in palestine these days, but if they did they’d obviously have to use the plain black flag instead of the bi-colors.

  4. Well, ariel beery, for once you and I agree. When IDF guns blaze there’s definitely an anarchic element there.

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