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And So This is Chanukah.

Image of the day:
A Jewish shopper at Balducci’s main location in Greenwich Village noticed this most unlikely display last week (three years ago, but we’re a people of history) and lodged a complaint with the management, who quickly cast the blame on a stock clerk, according to the NY Daily News.
What’s next? A blow-out deal on Manischewitz wine and kashe varnishkes for Christmas?
Attention Balducci shoppers: clean up in aisle nine!
Chanukah ham story epilogue: if you would like this image and others like it immortalized on an apron, mug, calendar, or magnet, said Balducci’s customer Nancy Kay Shapiro wants to make your dreams a reality.

5 thoughts on “And So This is Chanukah.

  1. My favorite was the bagel places in New York advertising their “Yom Kippur Special”. (I know exactly what they meant, but it was still funny.)

  2. I definitely saw Hannukah jelly beans being advertised as stocking stuffers the other day. They were mixed in with Christmas jelly beans in the display, but still!!

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