And the Award for Worst Accent Goes to…

This is one part amusing, two parts horrific. The first thing we learn in this trailer for You Don’t Mess With the Zohan is that Adam Sandler has gotten buff and doesn’t do an Israeli accent very well. That doesn’t stop him from playing Zohan, a Mossad agent who fakes his own death so that he can move to New York City and become a hairdresser. Until his past catches up with him… Sort of like Shampoo, Exodus and Munich rolled into one.

If the trailer is anything to go by, the film half mocks, half affirms American stereotypes of and fetishes for Israeli soldiers. Still, you know you’ll see it when it hits the theatres in June.

19 thoughts on “And the Award for Worst Accent Goes to…

  1. Is that Rob Schneider as a Hezbollah sleeper? Brilliant!
    I can’t help thinking that Sacha Baron Cohen would be better than Sandler at a role like this. At least he’d get the Israeli accent right.
    Nevertheless, you’re probably right, the subject matter may be enough to get me over my aversion to paying money to see Adam Sandler movies.

  2. smell it, smell it, smell it, now take it.
    that’s for you.
    since mtv’s remote control, i’ve been a sandler fan. not exactly loved all of his movies, but i can’t front, he’s hilarious to me. I’ll be there, flask of whiskey in my pocket.

  3. Is Zohan even a Hebrew name?
    The accent is not good but not bad. It’s certainly better than the supposed Israeli accent in Nip/Tuck last week. Love Schneider as the Hezbollah dude.

  4. Wow, Ruby K goes to the movies with a flask? That’s hard core. I like it! By the way, I totally called this trend of Jewish empowerment thru having American Jews playing ass-kicking Israelis. I wouldn’t be surprised if Michael Steinhardt was a financial backer of Sandler’s movie. In fact, I proposed an all Jewish remake of Munich (well, with Palestinians playing Palestinians) as my Bronfman Brandeis proposal. Now you’ll excuse me while I find a non-Adam Sandler reason to drink whiskey in the middle of the day…

  5. Accents are one the most difficult thing to do if they should sound really authentic and not just weird. Even the accents in Spielberg’s ‘Munich’ weren’t that good either.
    Some of the accents in ‘Hebrew Hammer’ were quite good, though.

  6. I am dying to hear the story behind this film. How did he pitch it, how long did it take to get greenlit, etc…someone call up Sony Pictures and do an interview!! (Too busy or I would go for it…)

  7. Can we stop worrying about the accent and focus instead on how awesome it is that a movie is being made that will have contemporary Israeli rock as the backbone of its soundtrack?

  8. rokhl: there needs to be a reason? i’d even trade some whiskey for more on the blacklists. besides, when you have friends that want to see things like “The Mummy 2” and “Van Helsing” in the theaters, well, seeing those “movies” requires reinforcements.
    feygele: no kidding; bimheyra biyameinu.
    sarah: agreed. how did this happen? is this where Sandler’s yiddishkeit went after three hanukkah songs and eight crazy nights?

  9. I’ll totally splurge for the popcorn. if enough of us go together, we can get the extra large bucket with free refills and TOTALLY get our money’s worth.

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