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And Then There Was One

The Scotman reports,

The caretaker of Afghanistan’s only functioning synagogue — and the country’s second-to-last Jew — has died after years of bitter feuding with the only other survivor of a once-thriving community.
Ishaq Levin, aged about 80, died, apparently of natural causes, in his quarters in the small synagogue in Kabul, said his 45-year-old Jewish neighbour, Zebulon Simentov.

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On a related note:

The Pashtun, the main Afghan ethnic group and Taliban supporters, also believe they are descended from the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel , and later converted to Islam. Dozens of Pashtun names and customs sound Jewish, from the Pashtun tribe names of Asheri and Naftali to the Pashtun custom of a wedding chupah and the circumcising of the sons on the eighth day after birth. The Pashtuns claim that the city of Kabul stands for “Cain and Abel” and Afghanistan is derived from “Afghana,” the grandson of King Saul of the tribe of Benjamin.

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8 thoughts on “And Then There Was One

  1. Like I’ve said before, we have no clue how many Arabs are really Jewish.
    Look at it this way (correct me if I’m wrong); A female born to a Jewish female is Jewish – and this goes on until eternity. Now, males born to Jewish women (who might think that they are Arab) are still Jewish. The only way this family becomes unJewish is if no females are born and the males intermarry. But then again, you never know how many times an unwitting Arab male marries a Jewish girl. When the messiah comes, we’ll know the truth. He’ll be able to say stuff like, ‘ half of Ramle – Jewish, half of Rammalah – Jewish’. It’s going to hurt very, very hard when we get woken up.

  2. I think that all jewish women should marry arab men. Its the only way to be… trust me

  3. We are hated because we have such a rich history and many many people are jelous of us. There are also quite a few ethnic groups in this world who have claimed to be from one of the ten lost tribes. Genetic testing is the only way to find out. Either the pathan or pashtun people are originally from one of the ten tribes or they wish they were so that they can claim to have a good history and not an uncivilized one like breading camels.

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