Andy & Chuck Keep It Real For Klal Yisrael

As CK thought it right to take a pot shot at the Bronfmans in the midst of tonguing Dov Charney’s jewel-encrusted anus, I feel it’s only appropriate to bring an eye of focus onto the Bronfmans — the Jewish community’s biggest philanthropic family — and permit them to offer their own defense.

In the early 1990s, Edgar transferred management of the family businesses to his son, Edgar, Jr., a rebellious young man who was fond of glamour and the good life. He received a well-established company, which at its peak in 1984 was worth $40 billion (including a quarter of the stock in chemical giant DuPont). In 1998, Charles left the joint management of the company and the board supported Edgar, Jr.’s policy of converting Seagram’s field of specialization to media. In the early 1990s, the company had already made several acquisitions in the fields of music, cinema and entertainment, the most prominent being the purchase of Universal Studios.
The sexy image of the media boosted Seagram’s stock, and in the summer of 2000, the company was sold to the French media giant Vivendi, in return for a Vivendi stock package. At the end of 2001, Vivendi crashed and the Bronfmans’ fortune shrank by 70 percent. The $3 billion that Charles had on paper became $800 million. These are his “big troubles.”
“I was very much against the DuPont sale. I was very much against all the entertainment deals. I vehemently objected to everything we did. It was all a mistake.”
So why didn’t they hear you say so out loud?
“I decided that I wouldn’t wage a public war against my family.”
It cost you a lot of money.
“There are certain situations in life where it’s hard to say what’s right and what’s wrong. You do what you believe you must do and that’s it.”
“This is still a very wealthy family,” comments Andrea. “And in life there are things that are a lot more important than money. We’re fortunate that we have enough money left for the things we like to do. What’s in the soul is more important than what’s in the pocket.”

Read the story of Andrea & Charles Bronfman in last week’s Haaretz magazine.

10 thoughts on “Andy & Chuck Keep It Real For Klal Yisrael

  1. I think that it ought to be illegal for very rich people to ever utter the words “There are more important things in life than money,” or the variation “Money isn’t everything.”

  2. Yeah, no Jewlicious post yet about Charney’s being sued by several female employees for sexual harassment! (NYT July 10)

  3. Another great case of money upsurping morals. Isn’t capitalism great for religion? And to think that every G-ddamn evangelical Christian I have ever met worships the free market.

  4. What a silly boy that Mobius is! ck was taking potshots at only one Bronfman, not the whole lot of them. Go back and take another look, hon. (To be frank, every major news publication in the Western world had a lot nastier things to say. The whole media-mogul foray was pretty bizarre.)

  5. Pot shots? I was merely stating facts – facts that your pathetic little attempt at Bronfman tuchus licking confirm (will this continue to be a recurring theme now that your funding request was denied?). The Vivendi deal was a collosal mistake. Nothing new about that. Would Sam have sold the Family’s crown Jewel in order to get into bed with the French? I doubt it. Now the Seagram’s head office serves the alumni of McGill University, an institution that in Sam’s day was loathe to admit Jews into its hallowed halls.
    As for Charney, ALL the facts and conjecture about him can be found on Jewlicious in a no-holds barred comment section. Funny, you didn’t think he had a jewel encrusted anus when he helped us get a laptop for Rami Watid.
    Man, why’d you have to be that way so close to Tisha B’av? You’ve really disappointed me Moby. Hope you had a fun housewarming you bastid.

  6. jesus, ck, lighten up. i thought you’d know me well enough by now to know i was just razzing you.
    holy hell. this–“facts that your pathetic little attempt at Bronfman tuchus licking confirm (will this continue to be a recurring theme now that your funding request was denied?)”–on the other hand, reveals more about you and what you think of me more than anything i’ve said reveals vice versa.
    the grant i didn’t get wasn’t even from the bronfmans, by the way. it was from the steinhardt kids. and chances are, no matter how much ass kissing i do, none of these folks will ever fund me because i don’t toe the zionist party line which my “competitors” are all too happy to do cartwheels on.
    the ironic part is their own researchers say that what i’m doing is effective in reaching the so-called unaffiliated, and what you do with jewlicious, for example, is seen by that demographic as insulting and alienating. just check out frank luntz’s latest report for the israel project. they have posters like the ones you made with the gay soldiers (btw, that artist would be offended that you used that image to promote zionism; it was offered as a critique of zionism), and stated why such things come across as arrogant and inflamatory.
    honestly, i was amused by the piece you guys wrote about yourselves for the world jewish digest. you’ve more or less stated to me that you launched jewlicious as a comeback to jewschool, which you intimate in your wjd piece. what you fail to recognize is that jewschool is ultimately a comeback to you.

  7. Well, mission accomplished, ya razzed me. And I was just razzing you back.
    Steinhardt, Bronfman, what’s the difference? Once you go down that road (getting grants and stuff) it’s all just one big monster nipping away at you.
    Now what’s all this about researchers and unaffiliated and frank luntz? We don’t care about that shit. I don’t give a rat’s ass who feels insulted or slighted or whatever. We’re just being ourselves. Despite all that it seems to resonate with someone – what can I tell ya? We get no funding, we’re not beholden to anyone and people keep coming, so we’ll keep posting. Our fake ass jokey posters had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with our sincere love of Israel. I’m not going to make apologies if someone finds that arrogant and inflammatory – we’re not running a popularity contest.
    Also what’s this crap about the piece we wrote about ourselves?? We didn’t write that piece in the Jewish World Digest, Sarah wrote that. We didn’t ask to be on the cover – they wanted us there. And yes, Jewschool, amongst others, begat Jewlicious. I’ve said it a zillion times. You wanna say that Jewschool is a comeback to us, well, uh… ok. What’s your point? Anyhow dude, shabbat shalom.

  8. what you fail to recognize is that jewschool is ultimately a comeback to you. Holy pretentious Batman …

  9. when I was in Tel Aviv one time I actually saw mob in a club. He had this big pot belly that jiggled a bit and it stretched the shirt he was wearing — made all the fabric around the buttons stretch like crazy.
    aaanyway he was pretty liquored up and was all over this horrendous looking girl-type with one eye and about four teeth. to be clear there is an israeli saying: great body, face like a bomb dropped it. that was this girl. this is a girl no one would touch but the original homo, mobius, was about two amaretto sours away from marriage.
    so he is goin on and on about all this political junk and how he is mister orthodox anarchist — “YES! THE ORTHODOX ANARCHIST HAVE YOU HEARD OF ME??” — and the mutant girl just tosses her glass down, is all “EXCUSE ME!” and walks away.
    all I am sayin is this — no matter how angry mobius makes you keep in mind he’s just a fat kid who can’t dance or talk to women. gotta stay grounded yo peace out

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