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Another first

The Jewish Post reports that Professor Gabriela Shalev, is the new Israeli Ambassador to United Nations, replacing Ambassador Dan Gillerman. She will be the first woman to hold this rank and position. Is this a positive? Um, hard to say, she is described as a political outsider and “has no diplomatic experience what so ever.” this doesn’t make my heart race – what, Livni couldn’t find someone with some experience?

3 thoughts on “Another first

  1. Hi Kol- how’s Dc these days? It seems like I’m Mr. Nit-Picky about job titles on Jewschool these days- but actually, Ambassador to the UN is an Ambassador level rank just like any other Ambassador, and given that Israel has had higher ranking women (Prime Minister, various Secretaries, etc) it doesn’t seem like that big a deal to me.

  2. Ah, sorry misunderstood…I think as foreign minister you’re saying that Livni appointed her…Olmert was PM, not FM.

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