Another Good Reason Not to Convert Out…

The Forward reports:

In an unprecedented victory for pro-Palestinian activists, leaders of the largest Presbyterian denomination officially equated the Jewish state with apartheid South Africa and have voted to stop investing in Israel.

…The church, boasting nearly 3 million members, is believed to be the largest organization or institution to join the divestment campaign against Israel.


Leaders of Presbyterian Church (USA), a mainline Protestant church, approved several other anti-Israel resolutions at their gathering in Richmond, Va., and also refused to halt funding for “messianic congregations” that target Jews for conversion.

Makes you wonder what the KKK will do. [Link NSF Anyone]

6 thoughts on “Another Good Reason Not to Convert Out…

  1. This is another good sign. Get the ant-semitism out into the open for all the Jews to see so they can’t deny it anymore.
    And if you’re going to say anti-zionist is not anti-semitism, then, well, calling Israel an aparthied state while is quite ignorant. BUT WAIT, if you do call Israel the apartheid state because it denies the minority Palestinians equal rights, then we are accepting that ALL of the land from the sea to the Jordan is ISRAELI LAND and you are actually pro-semitic. I’m confused.

  2. Interesting. this is what i found on the Klan website: “We support the voluntary repatriation of everyone not satisfied with living under White Christian rules of conduct back to the native lands of their people”
    i guess adding the word “voluntary” doesnt make it sound any better. A lesson to be learnt.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but apartheid made blacks second class citzens in their own country. Can we say that the Israel government is treating Palestinians as 2nd class citzens in the State of Israel or are people really, really disrepecting the whole concept of South African apartheid and what it really was?
    Asaf, is Israel from the Med to the Jordan? Say it, please say it already.

  4. While Israel is not de juro fro the med to the jordan, it definitely is de facto. Whats going on in Israel is not appartheid by definitely an undemocratic, military regime, on part of what in the last 37 years is israel de facto.

  5. Israel is a state with it’s borders in dispute. This dispute is not Israel’s exclusive responsibility. It is shared by a wide variety of principal parties. Jordan unilaterally annexed the West Bank in 1950, and never relinquished its claim on the territory until 1989. Egypt occupied Gaza from 1948-1967 and maintained it’s claim until the Camp David Agreement in 1979. Israel never annexed either of these territories, and can hardly be blamed for instituting a military administration over them while all or most Arab League member nations subsequently maintained states of war with Israel.
    It’s time for Palestinians to advance a leadership that will allow them to get on with their national life, and live it alongside of Israel, and finally reject the fantasy of removing Israel.
    It’s time for Palestnians’ friends among interested third parties, like the Presbyterian Church and the secular peace and human rights movements, to stop entertaining the pathetic narrative of “South-Africanization” of Israel, and its antisemitic fantasies of blood-and-fire “resistance.”
    It’s time for Jews of the Diaspora to realize that Israel desperately needs to divorce itself from the Arabs of the former British Mandate, that Israel cannot afford — economically, politically, socially, or spiritually — to transfer the Palestinians out of the territories for the sake of a futile messianic mishigoss of a so-called “Greater Israel.”

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