Another Service of the Kabbala Center

Previous tenants run into trouble? (Fron the NYTimes:)

The center dispatched Rabbi Daniel Ricardo to Sequin’s new space, shortly after the company moved in early May.

Rabbi Ricardo read from the Zohar, a book of Kabbalah wisdom, said a prayer, and then led the Renk sisters and their employees around the showroom and office, burning sage leaves and wafting the smoke into ”every closet and every corner” to chase away any bad feelings.

”He explained to us that the whole purpose of the cleansing was to project new energy into the space as well as cleansing out the old energy,” Kim Renk said. ”He told us to project good energy and be thinking positive thoughts about our business.”

The cleansing took about 40 minutes. Afterward the sisters gave Rabbi Ricardo a ”donation” of $200.

Awsome, just awsome. Sometimes I wonder if they have a potion for bad dreams too.

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