ANOTHER SONG WILL RISE: An evening of song in memory of Debbie Friedman

For those of you in the DC area: The community is joining together on Tuesday, January 18, 2011, at 7 pm, at the Religious Action Center, 2027 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington DC, to sing the songs of Debbie Friedman z”l and remember her far-reaching legacy. Please spread the word to your friends and communities. You can RSVP at the Facebook event page.
For those of you who aren’t in the DC area: What’s been going on in your area?

2 thoughts on “ANOTHER SONG WILL RISE: An evening of song in memory of Debbie Friedman

  1. Boston – January 30th at 4:00 pm
    Remembering Debbie Tribute Concert
    (Tickets are free.)
    Join Peter and Ellen Allard, Susan Horowitz, Jeff Klepper, Larry Milder, Josh Nelson, David Paskin, Julie Silver, Peri Smilow, Roy Einhorn and Jodi Sufrin, dozens cantors and musicians from New England and many more as we come together to celebrate the many blessings that Debbie gave us.

  2. A few of us got together in Philly last night to sing and chat a bit. Nothing big. If anyone knows of something bigger coming up, let me know…

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