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Anti-Semitic Columnist: "Judaism Is At War With Us"

A piece I found from an ostensibly left-wing blog infuriated me with its allegations of the “real” enemy not being Zionism, but Judaism. Judaism, the writer says, is at war with “us”.
But he leaves out who “us” is and what the front of said war is. Are liberal-minded Jews supposed to just get accustomed to antisemitism like this?
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8 thoughts on “Anti-Semitic Columnist: "Judaism Is At War With Us"

  1. You know.. I didn’t want to believe it.. kept telling myself that you just HAD to be exaggerating things.. until I read the full blog-post from the pin-head in question. I am momentarily speechless. I haven’t seen such brazen hate-mongering Judenhass outside of a KKK site or Nazi pamphlet since… well, never, actually.

  2. OK, Y-Love, take a deep breath. Despite the somewhat sanitized language of its mission statement page, it is immediately obvious from a quick perusal of “The People’s Voice” that it is no more the voice of normative progressive politics than Fred Phelps is the voice of mainline Protestant theology. Hello- just for illustration, two of the article listed in the sidebar to “Judaism is No One’s Friend” are “Proceedings and Death Verdict against Saddam Hussein by a puppet court are illegal, unfair and invalid” and “The unbearable darkness of being a Palestinian Untermentsch.”
    Yes, they’re scary kooks, but thankfully, they don’t hide it too well.

  3. Of course, that begs the question as to why these scary kooks try to attach themselves to the (comparatively) mainstream Left. Any ideas?

  4. I wasn’t so concerned with his voicing it — come on now, crazies are no stranger to the Internet — as I was with this blog broadcasting it.
    And, exactly — will the mainstream Left begin to “accept” things like this as the more rabid forms of anti-Zionism come more into vogue?

  5. I’m not sure I really get what the point of the post is. Y-love, why is the fact that this blog is broadcasting this dreck of any greater concern than that the author is writing it? From a quick look, the site doesn’t appear to be representative of anything other than the typical Jew-hating lunatic fringe. I suppose it’s of the “left” in the sense that it espouses Ramsey Clark-style conspiracies that focus on the perfidy of Israel, Rockefeller, Kissinger, the Trilateral Commission, so on and so forth. Nonetheless, though I may be missing something, I detect no ideological affinity or organization association of any kind whatever with even the far – and, at least arguably, anti-Semitic – academic Left of Juan Cole and the like, much less with the views of someone that might dream of acceptance in the Democratic Party. I’m not sure what J is talking about when he asks why they would be trying to attach themselves to the mainstream left. If they were, indeed, trying to do so, the explanation would seem to be fairly obvious: to disguise their fanaticism and obtain the imprimatur of mainstream acceptance. But where or how have they tried to suggest any such association? There has been no such attempt, as far as I can tell. Likewise, I can find no basis whatever for Y-love’s speculation about whether the mainstream Left is likely to either embrace or evidence any tolerance for such views. Again, even the far left anti-Zionist views in academic circles that border on anti-Semitism find virtually no expression whatever in the rhetoric or positions of anyone having anything to do with the Democratic Party. If I’ve missed any examples, I’d certainly appreciate someone pointing them out.
    Now the Republicans, of course, are a different entity altogether, one in which the most virulent racist sentiment and policies are at the heart of the Party from top to bottom. The Minutemen? Quite correctly perceived as a wetback-hunting lynch mob, one that – along with the almost panicky rejection of anything but an “enforcement only” immigration policy – will likely keep Latinos (with the exception of the Cuban community, of course) in the Democratic camp for years to come. Then there’s the ubiquity of the “radical homosexual agenda,” that old chestnut used perennially to provoke the pitchfork-and-torch-wielding mob into storming the parapets at the last minute. Most stunningly, we witnessed a true classic this year from the Klan playbook, dragging out the corpse of Lee Atwater to evoke memories of Emmett Till and reanimate fears of miscegenation. Kind of makes you wonder why Mehlman doesn’t simply have the Party sponsor an annual showing of Birth of A Nation on TCM. Kind of like the Republican Wizard of Oz. Oh well, they may have missed the boat this year, but I’d never be so brash as to disregard the possibility of such innovation next time around.

  6. What I find odd about the whole thing is that the anti-semite in question doesn’t describe himself as left wing at all. I went and looked at his blog itself, there are three posts, all Anti-Semitic to the core. On the last post, The Men in Black, he calls himself a Right Wing Hitler Loving Neo-Nazi. I find it amazing that the left wingers at The People’s Voice don’t mind reaching over to the otherside when it comes to Anti-Semitism.

  7. But if you read all of the mission statement of the People’s Voice, you’ll notice that a few paragraphs down from the top they get into serious Sept. 11 conspiracy theory mode. To me that signals that they’re not left-wing – they’re lunatics.

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