Anti-Semitic Khazaki Journalist Undercover in Israel

That’s right.

Apparently on his way to New York after investigating the “conspiracy” while undercover in Israel, I spotted Khazaki journalist Borat Sagdiyev in Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport.

It turns out that Borat has been studying the Jews quite closely and can even speak fluent Hebrew.

When I approached him, Borat was quite gracious, but refused to have his picture taken because of the sensitive nature of his operation. He did agree to sign a note though, using a strange alias. It reads “Ronen & Yael, muff respek, Ali G.”

He promised that more of his important news coverage will be aired in the future.

13 thoughts on “Anti-Semitic Khazaki Journalist Undercover in Israel

  1. mhz: broken link
    (really, very nice– he even put off a call on his cell to talk to us for a couple minutes)

  2. un saluto dall’Italia.
    I’m an italian blogger and I support Sharon’s Policy. In our community there are some bloggers friends of Israel, against the palestinian terrorism and supporting the real Peace.
    Excuse me from my poor english.

  3. No he was not– but it looked as if he had recently been “doing” Borat. Which makes sense given the info in mhz’s link.

  4. Yup– heard it myself. Definitely has a british accent, but those are better than American accents when it comes to Hebrew. He speaks fluently.

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