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Wanna Go Below the Bible Belt?

Join Storahtelling to find out how!
After an eternity of not posting, Mobius got me to promise at least once a week, and I will strive for this, but now I am both extremely proud and slightly ashamed for my return to Jewschool to be stinking of self-promotion.
But here’s the deal: Storahtelling is having its first ever StorahLAB Summer Training Institute for Jewish educators working in congregational settings, among others. I will avoid details here in the post and send you to the site for the Institute by telling you to click here if you want to learn more.
This is going to be an amazing program for any educator who wants to help their students develop a meaningful and relevant relationship to our sacred texts while bringing the performing arts into the Hebrew school classroom. So if you’re not working in the field, do a Jewschooler a kindness and pass this on to anyone you know who is. They will thank you for it someday.
How can I be so sure about this? Because I’m planning it. Donkey out!

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