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Anybody wanna go boating?

Mondoweiss picks up the story from Ma’an:

”In attacking the Freedom Flotilla, Israel has once again demonstrated to the world a heinous brutality. But I know that there are very many Israelis who compassionately and bravely campaign for a just peace. With broadcasting journalists from mainstream television programmes accompanying our boat, Israel will have a great chance to show the world that there is another way, a way of courage rather than fear, a way of hope rather than hate’,’ says Edith Lutz, an organizer and passenger on what is being called the “Jewish boat.”
”Jüdische Stimme,” or Jewish Voice for Peace, along with European Jews for a Just Peace in the Near East, and Jews for Justice For Palestinians (UK) are “sending a call to the leaders of the world: Help Israel find her way back to reason, to a sense of humanity and a life without fear.”

I wonder what the IDF will do with a boat full of Jews.

6 thoughts on “Anybody wanna go boating?

  1. It will do the same thing it did with the other 5 boats on the trip last week and the 1 boat yesterday. It will board the boat, take it to Israel, process the people back to their countries and deliver the goods to Gaza.

  2. Peace?! Israel was in the process of PEACE TALKS with the PA when this political attack took place. Peace talks that will now be derailed, at the behest of Hamas and their terrorist supporters. Stop embarrassing yourself.

  3. Anyone trying to ship any thing past the blockade to Gaza will have their ship boarded by the IDF. Duh, who does not get this? The recent ships are very lucky they are not trying to enter North Korea, Russia, China, or any of the other peace loving countries in the middle east or africa, the ship would probably have been sunk after a warning shot was fired through their hull. The IDF are the heroes in this story. They have gone out of their way to insure that there is no needless bloodshed. I am so tired of everyone, crying about these “Propoganda Ships”. At least the people who are speaking up against Israel can be put on a list of known enemies.

  4. I wonder what the IDF will do with a boat full of Jews.
    That seems like an easily answered question.
    Just like with the last 7 boats, the IDF will order the boat to divert to Ashdod. If the crew does not comply, the IDF will force it to Ashdod, either by physically disabling the boat’s propulsion/steering mechanisms and towing it, or by boarding and commandeering it. And if the Jews on board physically assault the soldiers, they should expect the soldiers to defend themselves.

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