AP: American Jewish Groups Back Bush, Sharon

The AP reports,

Major American Jewish organizations are praising President Bush’s support for Israeli plans to withdraw from Gaza and maintain some settlements in the West Bank – but a few groups are criticizing him.

It’s funny cuz uh, I don’t remember granting any organizations the right to speak on my behalf, and somehow, I doubt any of these groups asked their constituents their positions before “representing” them.

Not that I’m against a West Bank and Gaza withdrawl, or anything… I just don’t like seeing “Jews,” “support,” and “Bush” in the same sentence. Gives me the heebie-jeebies.

In related news, Eric Yoffie has lost my respect and Arthur Hertzberg has retained it, yet oddly, in an interview with Lyndon Larouche’s EIR. I bet he had no clue which magazine that interview was going in… (I’m gonna call him later and ask.)

7 thoughts on “AP: American Jewish Groups Back Bush, Sharon

  1. He obviously knew exactly which magazine the interview was for. If this interview is any indication, this is practically Hertzberg’s endorsement of LaRouche:
    “EIR: Can you talk some about a solution—the policy of economic development for the Mideast, which LaRouche has pushed as the only way to change the situation?
    Hertzberg: It is the only way…

    EIR: What about the younger generation in Israel? Here, our youth movement, the LaRouche Youth Movement, is really changing things and shaking up the Democratic Party and politics as usual.
    Hertzberg: The younger generation in Israel is confused. But, it doesn’t want to get killed. That’s the important thing. Except for a minority of right-wing hotheads, the younger generation in Israel wants peace.”
    The interviewer mentioned on two occasions that the magazine supports Lyndon Larouche. That “fry in hell” rhetoric is exactly the incendiary stuff that this magazine feeds on.
    Mobius, I’ve followed your posts for some time, and you’ve done a complete 180 on the Israel-Palestine issue. You used to decry the anti-Semitism on the left. Here, you praise a follower of Larouche. I know that you are no anti-Semite, and you are a sensitive and thinking person. But I have to ask, how can someone who once railed against Adbuster’s Israel-bashing now apologize for the left’s most notorious Jewish conspiracy theorist?

  2. btw… i am definitely anti-bush and I am not a likudnik, and i consider myself pretty leftist. it distresses me too that many people think that Jews are de facto bush supporters. but this larouche things gives me the heebie-jeebies much more.

  3. #1. Lyndon LaRouche is a traditional right-wing fascist. He’s a super-super-rightist. Not a leftist.
    #2. If you read the post here, it says “I bet [Hertzberg] had no clue which magazine that interview was going in…” which was a swipe at LaRouche. Read the post 14 items above this one: “Hertzberg: Lyndon Who?”

  4. what i’m saying is that the interviewer identified himself as a larouchie twice… i know that you do not support larouche, but the fact is that hertzberg effectively did, whether he intended to or not.
    i stand corrected… he is definitely a rightist… why does he call himself a democrat though?

  5. just read the post 14 items above… sorry, my misunderstanding. I still have to ask, though, how could he have missed the interviewer identifying himself as a larouchie TWICE. is that something he just added in the editing?

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