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Apply to be a Zeitler Fellow at NHC's Summer Institute

One of the most enriching experiences of my life was the Summer Institute of the National Havurah Committee. I found there a community where Judaism was both a serious passion and a playful endeavor, where the gravity of tradition merged with experimentation and open-mindedness. The religious diversity is boggling but still within the confines of 300 people with long-standing friendships.
Applications are now open for the young leaders fellowship that first exposed me to the wider world of independent Jewish community. Details below.

Attend the NHC Summer Institute as a Zeitler Fellow! (Application due May 11th)
Do you enjoy participatory, spirited, inclusive, thoughtful, lay-led Jewish community? Join over 300 people who share that love this summer at the NHC (National Havurah Committee) Summer Institute in Rindge, New Hampshire! A week at Institute includes plenty of serious study, moving prayer, spirited conversation, late-night jam sessions, singing, dancing, swimming, meditation, and hiking, as well as an opportunity to meet and learn from a diverse, multigenerational group of attendees. Institute attendees create a wonderful community together for a week — and leave with new ideas, skills, and experiences to bring back to their home communities for the rest of the year and beyond.
For attendees between the ages of 22 and 32, the NHC is now accepting applications for its Zeitler Fellows Program. Fellows participate in the full Summer Institute programming and in four workshops designed specifically for them. As a Fellow, you receive a scholarship for tuition, room, and board, and are expected to pay only for registration and dues ($147) for the full week (August 3-9). The application can be found here.
Please see our website for more information or call the NHC office at 215-248-1335. The application is due May 11th.

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