8 thoughts on “April Foolz Mitzvah Tanks

  1. I’ve never understood why they call their RVs ‘Tanks’
    what’s up with that
    They gave my friend a bar mitzvah in one of them though, since he never had one

  2. I remember those guys occasionally turning up in the parking lot scenes at Grateful Dead shows. I used to try to talk them into devising a halachic alternative-vegetarian tfillin. Good sports, for the most part.

  3. the reazon they are called tanks is simply because they are compared to the tanks at war. the tanks at war fight for the contry – these tanks fight for the religion(through acts of goodness)! the tanks at war fight against the enemy – these tanks fight against assimilation (one mitzvah at a time)

  4. I like the Lubavitchers. It is really good to see them here in Montreal, with all of this anti-Israel hatred that frequently morphs into anti-semitism.

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