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Arabic 101 — It's Never Too Early

Tentatively, lest in their haste they end up doing something horribly rash, the U.S. Army is teaching a few of its officers Arabic, in the off chance this might prove useful somehow during their stint in Iraq.
CNN reports,

The officers — on track to lead troops again, most likely in the Middle East — are part of a pilot program that is sending 21 Army officers to graduate school to learn about foreign cultures, business practices and languages, such as Arabic.
The Army wants its leaders armed with solid skills to help them navigate road signs, engineering plans and simple conversations.
“We’re trying to develop officers to be strategic thinkers and creative managers…who are culturally aware and have some language capability,” says Col. Mark Patterson, who’s in charge of policy for developing the Army officer corps.
The Army’s experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq have shown it needs people who are able to work in foreign languages and cultures as well as be combat-oriented, said one of the students, Maj. David Hibner.

Band head here.

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