Arafat Bites It

Is it wrong to gloat?! Is it unenlightened? Illiberal? Mmm fuck it. I’m a do a dance. Yassir Arafat is dead.

[Update] Your fearless leader, George W. Bush, upon hearing the news? “God bless his soul.” How Christian.

[Update] Conflicting reports are coming in saying that Arafat is not dead, however he is comatose and doctors say he can not possibly recover. Meh, give it the night. Then go dancing.

[Update] Gotta love the BBC. Despite the fact that the initial reports came from a French news agency, the Beeb is reporting that the Israeli media is responsible for false reports about Arafat’s death. Guess they still ain’t over ’48. God, you should see ’em on the tube. The “objective” reporters were in tears when they heard news of the world’s oldest terrorist’s death.

[Update] I think my initial response to Arafat’s passing was somewhat inappropriate. Here’s my reassesment of the issue.

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