Arafat Embezzling Palestinian Aid Dollars

The JTA writes, “Yasser Arafat reportedly has diverted $800 million in Palestinian aid money to a private account for his family in Paris. CBS’ ’60 Minutes’ is to report Sunday that the Palestinian Authority president gives $100,000 a month in Palestinian aid money to his wife and daughter in Paris. P.A. Finance Minister Salam Fayad reportedly assisted CBS in the report.”

6 thoughts on “Arafat Embezzling Palestinian Aid Dollars

  1. it’s an upfront, so there’s no actual article. i’d put the link in, but it’ll vanish tomorrow, or by monday the latest.

  2. No one will care. This is old news and as long as the old bastard continues to kill Jews, he will be a hero to the world.

  3. how much money are ariel sharon and his sons making off of graft? has anyone nailed down a figure yet? i suppose as long as the old bastard continues to kill arabs, we’ll be ok with it.

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