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Ariel Weinmann: Israe- er. Sorry. Russian Spy.

Well, despite what you may have heard, U.S. sailor Ariel Weinmann is not being held on charges of spying for Israel.
Which to some extent, is a good look for American Jews, as it doesn’t call into question the ‘Israel OR America’ factor. Of course, depending on his motivations, it could be used as further basis for allegations about our patriotism vs. gelt, which is a much more popular opinion in the mainstream.

8 thoughts on “Ariel Weinmann: Israe- er. Sorry. Russian Spy.

  1. jpost just confirmed… tho they reported yesterday that the saudi daily al-watan had reported sources close to the case revealed weinmann was working for israel
    in any event, all this does is further demonstrate why you should never, ever listen to the unconfirmed and uncorroborated statements of anonymous sources

  2. Well shit on me.
    is fucking HILARIOUS!
    Thanks Mishuganer! Now we just need proof that Abe Wolfowitz wunnt a Jew, and we’re in the clear!

  3. I did go back and take a look before posting my comment. I noted that you chose that non-story – since there wasn’t any story yet, just a name – to post that day when there were dozens of other stories you could have sunk your teeth into. What made it a story, John, was it the spying, or the Jewish-sounding name, or the possibility that you could then besmirch Israel? I know, I know, you picked that story because you’ve always loved the name Ariel, ever since you saw that Disney flick with the mermaid.

  4. Ariel Weinmann was one of my best friends. I know Weinmann. Or I thought I did. I’m in the Navy and we went to school together, and ended up living together for about 7 months. Not once would I have suspected him of doing this. I can confirm that yes, he is in fact German, and the simple fact that he did this just blows me away.

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