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Just Because We're Paranoid Doesn't Mean They're Not Out To Get You

As a response to “no specific threats directed at the Jewish community in the New York area,” the UJC has sent out a Security Alert for Jewish Institutions in NYC.

There have been press reports speculating whether Hezbollah is planning attacks against Jewish and Israeli targets outside of the Middle East. Conversations with American and Israeli officials confirm that there have been no specific threats directed at the Jewish community in the New York area. As always, however, they do recommend increased vigilance. Out of an abundance of caution the NYPD is giving extra attention to Jewish
* 1. Law enforcement officials suggest that you advise your local police precinct of any upcoming gatherings, including Tisha B’Av services. You should be in regular contact with your precinct community affairs officer(s) and/or commanding officer.
* 2. Those responsible for Jewish institutions should be extra vigilant. Be aware. Ask your members and affiliates to report any unusual incident to the New York City Police Counterterrorism Hotline at (888) NYC-SAFE. Outside of New York City call (866) SAFE NYS. Try to obtain a physical description of the suspicious individual (e.g., gender, complexion, hair color, height and weight), license numbers and any other identifying characteristics.
(Photographs are valuable and a disposable camera is ideal for such situations.) Do not try to confront the individual. Police officials want you to report anything that seems out of kilter. They would rather have too many calls than miss an important piece of intelligence that you might have.
The United Jewish Communities, The Jewish Community Relations Council and John Jay College of Criminal Justice have prepared a manual on emergency planning which includes chapters by the Anti-Defamation League on security.

17 thoughts on “Just Because We're Paranoid Doesn't Mean They're Not Out To Get You

  1. Clearly unecessary precautions, after all our Muslim friends only want to destroy Israel, not Jews, isn’t that what our leftist friends tell us?

  2. First of all, EVERYONE is relying on Israel to get rid of Hezzy. Even Saudi Arabia is sitting back and enjoying the show.
    Second of all, this email is basically saying, “This was a false alert but we are still reminding you to still keep an eye out for suspicious behavior in the future, just in case.” Institutions respond to false threats this way all the time. Not entirely unreasonable.

  3. With friends like the unelected occupants of the WH, Israel doesn’t need enemies.
    Dirrigible, the reichwing scare tactics have nothing to do with Jews; it’s the scare tactics that count, not we Jews. I’ve lost track of how many times the local news has led with a story about a ‘suspicious’ package on the highway, which closed it down for an hour, or when the airport gets shut down because of a ‘suspicious’ package in the tarmac.
    Things fall out of cars, off trucks, or off loading rigs, not infrequently. Unless you’re an orwellian fascist producer, this crap shouldn’t be leading the news…unless there ACTUALLY was a bomb.
    Everyone should always take simple security measures; after all, one never knows where the criminal element might show up.
    Anyone know why ‘birth fangs’ Rice is over there? Since she’s not talking to hamas, hizbollah, what’s the point?
    Unless, perhaps, there’s truth to the rumor for this year’s October Surprise — that the reason the US junta said ‘no’ to a ceasefire, is that some WMDs are going to be moved from the Negev into Syria, so that the Cheneyacs can have their ‘eureka!’ moment (‘here’s where Saddam moved them! See! All this blood, and devastation weren’t for split stocks in Halliburton! Now, let’s nuke Syria! And Iran, just to be on the safe side!’).
    Just wondering…

  4. Funny, there are a few hundred thousand Kurds who can vouch for those WMDs.
    OH wait sorry, they were gassed to death so they might have a hard time serving witness.

  5. Well, this suggests the planning, not just of the October surprise, but of the incursion into Lebanon:
    And this disturbing neocon document from 1996 seems to want to completely redo the Middle East by force in order to get rid of Labor Zionism and promote more aggressive commerce (note the mention of toppling Saddam Hussein):

  6. If american right wingnuts like ann coulter and krauthammer call for attacking iran simply because hezbollah has iranian arms, then why doesn’t it make sense for hezbollah to attack america for supplying israel?

  7. Psst, John Brown — mAnn Coulter’s syndicated column has been ditched by TWO conservative newspapers…and is still trying to make her book a best seller by giving it away…

  8. Ah yes, terms such as “right wingnuts”, “unelected occupants”, “reichwing scare tactics”, “orwellian fascist”, “‘birth fangs’ Rice”, cetainly add to the public discourse. But if you can see through the thicket of cliches (and my sarcasm), what would you have a responsible executive do if they are generally warned of upcoming threats – do they really ignore them after 911?

  9. Okay, let me be less cryptic. “Conversations with American and Israeli officials confirm that there have been no specific threats directed at the Jewish community in the New York area.” This is not the same as saying “There was NO threat here.”
    There have been threats and attempted violence against Jews in the past, even more so in other cities, israel is under attack, it is reasonable to take precautions. I would like to point out that the largest murder of Jews in one place not during wartime was the bombing of the JCC in Argentina, by Hezbollah, with the connivance of Iran. Saying “there is no threat” implies that it is unreasonable to take precautions. I guess everyone can make their own determination.

  10. Dirrigible, read Libby’s post. The ‘Clean Break’ document starts out with a virulent attack on labor zionism…and also lays out the ‘necessity’ of a ‘New Middle East,’ which are the words that ‘birth fangs’ is using these days. I’m sorry that my changing one letter of Rice’s repugnant remark about the carnage, offends you (apparently, much more than the carnage does).
    In her defense, though, she must have had some moment of guilt, because an interesting parapraxis escaped her mouth: “We are concerned about the humanitarian situation…and nobody wants to SEE when innocent cilivians are harmed.”
    Birth fangs could have been TOTALLY remorseless, a la Barbie Bush, when she arrogantly said she would not waste her “beautiful mind” (sic) on news about US casualties in Iraq.

  11. im pretty sure the poster here was trying to be insightful about jewish paranoia and trying to make the jewish establishment look dumb for issuing this warning…well, with this horrible shooting in the seattle , i would say the warning was obviously justified and we do need to be extra vigilant while war is going down in the ME.

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