As above, so below: Tel Shemesh

Calling all city Jews, or anyone who is looking for their way back to the forest…

Judaism has many things in common with other earth-based traditions of the world, though too often these teachings of our interdependency with all living things are overlooked.

As a response, Rabbi Dr. Jill Hammer, of the JCC in Manhattan‘s Ma’yan, RitualWell.org, and published author of Sisters at Sinai, recently launched a beautiful and resourceful new website, Tel Shemesh. Designed and published by Shir-Yaakov Feinstein-Feit’s sixthirteen.org, the Tel Shemesh website, together with its monthly newsletter, provides the modern Jew with a variety of outlets for connecting with the earth withmeaningful and authenically Jewish traditions.

Connect with the fourness dimension of your soul as you warm yourself by the sacred fire.

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