5 thoughts on “Ashkefardic Ultra-Refoconservadox

  1. the design is definately sweet but is there a female counterpart in the works? i support the ashkefardic ultra-refoconservadox merging and uniting of jewish identities, but am slightly uncomfortable that the symbol for this re-unification is a male one. not trying to be an “angry feminist” or anything, but it is frustrating when the figureheads and symbols of one’s religion are all of a gender not mine, making it harder for me to relate to and identify with as a jew. (also, since when are all or even the majority of jews male?). but again, its a sweet design and concept, yasher koach on some great artistry.

  2. great design! was wondering if there was a female counterpart in the works? i totally support this idea of ashkefardic ultra-reconservadox jewry but amd frustrated with its symbol and figurehead being male. (since when are all or even most jews male?) i find it difficult to relate to a judaism whose symbols and iconic figures are all consistently (and arguably systematically) of a gender not my own and when new images and symbols are created (such as this) that perpetuate the male-as-jewish stereotypical norm, it is frustrating and upsetting. however, the design is sweet and yasher koach on an artistic and creative level.
    eagerly awaiting a counterpart female image,

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