Ashley Bates Dispatches from Gaza

For an in-depth eyewitness view of life in Gaza, you’ll do no better than, Dispatches from Gaza, a new blog just launched by a young journalist named Ashely Bates. Ashley has been in Israel/Palestine on on a three month internship for Ha’aretz and in late March she entered Gaza to write free-lance. She’s pitching her articles to various publications – in the meantime her extensive reportage is available via her blog.
Ashley is an amazing and accomplished young woman. Before getting her journalism degree from Northwestern University, she spent two years working for the Peace Corps in Jordan (where she became fluent in Arabic.) She currently works as the Program Director for the Chicago area co-existence program Hands of Peace, which is where I originally had the pleasure of meeting her.
Bookmark her blog. It offers the kind of on-the-ground reportage from Gaza that you will never, ever find in the mainstream media.
Click here for her latest post – a report on the first ever Gaza demonstration against child labor in the Gaza-Egypt smuggling tunnels.

3 thoughts on “Ashley Bates Dispatches from Gaza

  1. Not to be nit picky but why does it matter that she is a woman?
    Ashley is an amazing and accomplished young woman.
    If this journalist was named Bob and was male would line have noted his gender?
    Ach. Sorry just had to bring it up.

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