Asocial Modern Orthodox Roommates

man watching tv.jpgThe Sabbath is a time for reflection.  It is spiritual; it is holy.  That is why you must rest in the living room, and watch TV.  All shabbos, every shabbos.  Out of respect for your beliefs, I accept that the TV must not be touched; the volume must not be lowered.  Not on Shabbos.  And afterwards, you must order in, and the volume raised.   The Sabbath Queen must be celebrated even when she departs. 
I would never challenge your expression of faith; I would never deride your chosen lifestyle.  
But my next roommate will be a pagan.     

3 thoughts on “Asocial Modern Orthodox Roommates

  1. DK– I wouldn’t like a roommate like that either, and I realize that (at least to an extent) you’re joking. But you’re joking with too wide a brush. Substitute a denomination/ affiliation of your choice for “MO”, and see if you still like how that sounds.

  2. I have the same roommate and he’s only technically Jewish. Which I guess means it’s genetic and not learned behavior?

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