At Arm's Length

A new play by playwright Adam Klasfeld which opened last week at the NY Fringe Fest gives a peculiar spin to questions raised by Israel’s enduring conflict:

Set in a fictional town in Arabia, Good Fences Make Good Neighbors is about a writer who gets shot in the arm outside of his house, making him an amputee. But nobody believes his arm is missing, fracturing his entire reality. His only source of safety from future attacks comes from an old stone wall supervised by a short but crafty elf, whose job is to tear it down. An oblique commentary on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it examines how the fear that terrorism generates can almost be as debilitating as its carnage.

Of the play, independent theatre critic Hy Bender says, “This show is a Fringe rarity—a serious play about a serious subject that’s executed with conciseness and wit.” The play also received a Chashama AREA Award. Tickets are still available for performances tonight, Thursday and Sunday. To order online click here.

One thought on “At Arm's Length

  1. *squee* thanks darlin’! by the way, i hear the costumes are AWESOME. 😉 everybody go see this show, it’s really good.

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