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At Least He's Older than Cameron Crowe

For those of you who just heard that reality TV is, shockingly, not entirely real, you may not be aware of the MTV reality show “I’m From Rolling Stone,” where hipster-lite kids compete for a “coveted” RS internship. To try and up their legitimacy, MTV is also letting aspiring journalists enter the writing contests sponsored on their website. The first topic was the deceptively simple “Describe your local music scene,” and the winner? Jewschool‘s own Mordechai Shinefield. You can check out his winning entry, about Washington Heights, Here.

2 thoughts on “At Least He's Older than Cameron Crowe

  1. Uhh, perhaps before publishing it elsewhere you should change
    “Phil Spector’esk” to “Phil Spector’esque” ?
    Just a friendly suggestion from one yid to another.
    Great job dude!

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