5 thoughts on “Attack Of The Christian Fundie Puppets

  1. That’s not race baiting – it’s racist asshole baiting, and I think we can all agree that if anyone deserves a good bait now and then, it’s racist assholes.
    It’s arguing that “Republican” = “racist asshole”. If that’s the kind of political discourse you value in your country, well, enjoy it; too bad for the rest of the world which has to feel the repercussions, I guess. (Next week: Republicans and Democrats face off on who’s the poopiest.)

  2. I am also nominally a republican (and I also think InJewCon is funny) but I have to say that what prevents me from being a staunch republican (I am for small government, fiscal restraint, personal responsibilty etc) is the way the party continues to align itself with intolerance. People like Trent Lotte and Tom Delay continue to make racist remarks, support racist policies (at home and abroad) and give support for very extreme racist republicans running for local office. John Ashcroft meanwhile represents the very height of religious intolerance while sitting at the helm of the Justice department. A lot of Republicans suffer from being lumped in with these people and hoped to be able to change our party from within. I have to say that I feel like it’s going the other way though. Third Party anyone?

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