Justice Ministry Education certificate from Auburn Seminary
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Auburn Seminary launches Justice Ministry Education certificate

From our friends at Auburn Seminary comes a major new program. Auburn teaches faith-based community leaders to become digital and community organizers (and vice versa), for which they are now launching a 300-hour learning program. More details below:

Justice Ministry Education (JME) is a 300-hour leadership and spiritual formation program designed for organizers, seminarians, clergy, activists, and nonprofit staff.
The JME program combines 150 hours of field work with 150 hours of small group theological reflection and learning in a multifaith environment.
Participants who complete the program will be awarded a Certificate of Justice Ministry Education (1 Unit) from Auburn Seminary. Six pilot groups are launching in 2016-17 in Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, Nashville, and NYC.
WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: The Justice Ministry Education program uses the action-reflection-action form of learning. Participants will engage in intense hands-on field work and reflect on their experiences with a supervisor and a small group of peers.
Small groups will explore suffering caused by injustice, practical skills for leading communities in social change, the spiritual nature of public capacity, personal reflection on one’s role in pursuing justice, self-care for prophetic leadership, and the religious or theological grounding of justice work. Participants will leave the program spiritually activated and practically prepared. The small group structure of the program will ensure that each participant will be challenged to focus their learning in the areas they most want to grow.

Get the full details at http://auburnseminary.org/jme/.

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