Author Claims Hamas Inspired By Israeli Left

A new book entitled, The Seventh War, by two leading Israeli journalists, purports that the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas was emboldened by the Israeli left in carrying out terror attacks.

The following quote, taken from israelinsider, (which seems to be not from the book, nor attributed to any member of Hamas, but rather is the assesment of one of the the authors reflecting his own impression of Hamas’ sentiments) has already been invoked in the context of a discussion here on Jewschool:

“The Israeli left-wing and your ‘peace-camp’ are what ultimately encouraged us to continue to carry out suicide bombings. We tried, through our attacks, to create fragmentation and dissention within Israeli society, and the left-wing encouraged us in that regard. When we heard about the ‘Pilots’ Letter’ and the elite soldiers refusing to serve [in Judea, Samaria and Gaza], it strengthened our confidence in the effectiveness of the suicide bomber.”

Welp, congratulations folks: Every time you use this fabricated quote to smear the left (who, in their eyes, are simply standing up for justice), you play right into Hamas’ alleged-hands by creating “fragmentation and dissention within Israeli society.” How utterly ironic.

11 thoughts on “Author Claims Hamas Inspired By Israeli Left

  1. Funny how Left wing leaning Jews always claim justice, when in fact their, by their actions they really mean…just us. The halitosis of hypocrisy is stifling…but thanks for the post…JM Staff
    Wait…that would be us were talking about?

  2. ‘Smear the left’ or calling the kettle black?
    Why do people keep ignoring what the Palestinians say and arrogantly know what they want (stop the ‘occupation’?) and how much they will settle for (only yesha?)
    Listen to them, understand what they want and stop deciding for them what they ‘should’ get and how they will get it.
    Mobius, anytime someone criticizes the left – they are causing fragmentation? When the left whines and bitches about potential settler violence and calling settlers a dangerous minority who’s taking control of the government – is that not causing fragmentation and dissension?

  3. Excuse me, Josh and jewishmayhem, since when do Jews (or anyone) take everything that Hamas (supposedly) says at face value? Don’t you think they may have ulterior motives???
    Hamas GAINS POWER when “right-wing” policies are advanced in Israel and the Territories…deaths on BOTH sides have gone up since Sharon has been in power.

  4. it’s sort of like how the abu hafs al-masri brigades, in their letter to the london paper al-quds al-arabi claiming responsiblity for the madrid bombings, wrote that they were “very keen that bush does not lose the upcoming elections” because “his idiocy and religious fanaticism” (amusing coming from them, eh?) “stir the Islamic world to action.”
    i saw some republican wearing a shirt that said “terrorists say . . . anybody but bush” and laughed my ass off.

  5. I guess the summary of this is that everybody believes the other side encourages the terrorists.
    Anyone ready to blame fanatical Islam? Anybody ready to fight it?

  6. I find it interesting that like PurrpleGrrl are unwilling to believe a report that is posted several places just because it goes against their world view.
    Fanatical Islam is to blame. The situation with the Palestinians is the making of Arafat and other Arab leaders who have refused to accept Israel’s existence. Why, if the Arab leadership’s goal was a state for the Palestinians, did they not establish one for them when the controlled the ‘West Bank’ and Gaza? The reason is that that was never the goal. The goal has always been to remove Israel from the map entirely. In all the time since the Oslo Accords were originally signed, the PLO charter, which is the governing charter of the PA still has not been changed to reflect an acceptance of Israels right to exist.

  7. “fanatical Islam” is an essentialist construct — you are dealing with political activists who seek power and are using religion to gain popularity
    just as in “yesha”
    just as in america

  8. logic,
    ‘politcal activists’ don’t specifically massacre children, women, seniors.
    I wish we were dealing with ‘political activists’.
    I take at a face value stuff they say in Arabic, and not in English, and,
    sorry to remind you that this war started four years ago under Barak after the most sweeping concessions ever were proposed.

  9. mmm arafat could have and should have made a counter-offer, including a request for 100% of ‘their land’ back. but he didn’t. instead he went home and bragged about how he stuck it to the americans and israelis in the heart of america.

  10. How did Barak get greedy John. Was the part where he offered Arafat 1/2 of Jerusalem. The part where he offered Arafat parts of pre-1967 Israel in return for a few parts of the ‘West Bank’.
    Why was Barak the greedy one. Arafat, if he really wanted peace, could have accepted. Arafat appears to be the one who truly got greedy. He obviously figured if the Israeli’s were willing to give up everthing that Barak was offering in the negotiations in both America and Egypt, just befor and just after the outbreak of violence. He could get even more.
    That would appear to be the greedy party to me.
    Let us call the ‘political activists’ what they are and not use PC code words to hide the truth. They are Islamic Fundimentalist Terrorists. They hid behind their own children and other civilians to attach Israeli civilians. They kill anyone within the Palestinian society who dares to disagree with them or takes any type of action to stop there activities.
    That is not political activism that is murder plan and simple.
    That is not the same thing as the residents of the Yesha communities who seek to at least peacefully implement their religious and political ideology. You don’t have to agree with the ideology. But at least realisticly look at the difference and cut the relativistic morality crap. Real life isn’t composed of realtivistic morality, Just real morality.

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