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Running this site by myself is a bit much cuz I don’t have a constant influx of content…Once again I ask, if anyone’s interested in being a contributor, please be in touch.

John Kerry is a Landsman

Presidential hopeful John Kerry is a half-Jew. Earlier this week the Massachusetts Senator discovered that his paternal grandmother is in fact a Heeb, making him, technically speaking, a half-Jew. Kerry now joins the ranks of such celebrity and politico half-Jews…

Holy Smoke

Israel may be making moves towards marijuana decriminalization. It appears that the Israeli Green Leaf party (Ale Yarok), whose platform essentially boils down to getting both Israelis and Palestinians high and hoping they’ll mellow out (kidding, kidding), may actually land…


[02/03/03 — Ilan Ramon, of blessed memory, was killed in the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy that occured on Saturday, February 1. He will forever remain a hero to those of us that keep our eyes on the skies and our…

Kabbalistic Threads

Philip Berg is at it again. The master of new age guru-style exploitation of the Kabbalah, and the man responsible for Madonna donning tefillin, is now teaming up with French designer David Shamouelian to produce $40 t-shirts bearing the forbidden…

Welcome to JEWSCHOOL

Just getting it together over here. If you’d like to join the blogteam, send me an example of what you’d post, or leave your post in a comment below, but be sure to include your e-mail address.

Daniel Sieradski