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Philip Berg is at it again. The master of new age guru-style exploitation of the Kabbalah, and the man responsible for Madonna donning tefillin, is now teaming up with French designer David Shamouelian to produce $40 t-shirts bearing the forbidden names of God. Berg suggests that the popularity of the clothing line will spark a greater interest in Kabbalah among Jews and gentiles alike. And with forty of his own Kabbalah Centres world wide and the market cornered on Kabbalistic books and novelty items, that could certainly spark a greater interest in Berg’s bank account too… Though I’m suuuure his intentions are more pious than that.

2 thoughts on “Kabbalistic Threads

  1. My name is also David Shamouelian but i spell mine Shamoilian.
    Yes we are related but not that close since David was brain-washed
    by the Ol Mighty Philip Berg who doesn’t even deserve to be called a “Rabbi” This is sickening to see !! I can’t believe they are exploiting the ZOHAR and Kabbalah like this, thet are a cult and should be stopped. As all you other Talmidim Khakhamim know or should know is that the Kabbalah can only be studied by a Married Man Over the age of 40 and many years of studying. And to see Madonna and other Goyim par take in it makes me sick to the stomache !!!

  2. I am shocked why anybody would use my identity to slander another shomer shabbat JEW, especially, my dear cousin whom I hold in great esteem. I find this behavior very antithetical to concept of “achdut” and “am echad”. I am appalled by this act of cowardice and false identity. I am ashamed by and unequivocally renounce all such claims made in the above statement. The internet should be used as a tool to unite people but in this situation it was utilized to create a greater rift among JEWS. Please stop this non-sense and the bottom line is that we are all JEWS and deserve each others respect. If one has integrity they would approach the person he/she disagree with and try to communicate like mensches rather than posting false claims under false identities. I am utterly confused by this stupid act of cowardice.

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