New Year's in Jew York

If you’ve found yourself still unsure of your New Year’s plans and you missed out on the Christmas Eve Matzoh Ball, Let My People Go are sponsoring a New Year’s bash at the Village Lantern (167 Bleecker b/t Thompson & Sullivan) with hors d’oeuvres, champagne, and a live DJ for $40 in advance, $50 at the door.
However, if the Jewish singles scene isn’t your thing (Lord knows it isn’t mine), the editors of Bang It Out are throwing a New Year’s party at the Caliente Cab Company (21 Waverly Place). Open bar for only $25.
Finally (although it has absolutely nothing to do with being Jewish) the coolest party happening this New Year’s by far—or at least, as far as I know—is The Madagascar Institute’s New Year’s Celebration at 931 Bergen @ Franklin in Brooklyn. Open bar, snacks, champagne and coat check all for $25, with “Art installations, giant games, cozy nooks and secret spots offset by three floors of music featuring dancehall, jungle, breaks, classics, deep house and more. Open bar. Time Travel. A lollipop forrest. Oh yeah—and then we’re gonna blow shit up.”
I am so there.

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