Ba dump dump dump

A lubab was “out doin his thing” during Chol Hamoed, and saw a non-religeous Jew, and asked if he had shaken a lulav yet during Sukkot. The man said no, and the lubab asked if he wanted to now. The guy thought “what the hey” and said “Sure, why not.” The chosid gave him the lulav & etrog and was showing him the brochot, when the guy said “I know it, I know it”. He took the lulav & etrog, said “Baruch atah adonay boray pri ha-etz,” and took a chomp out of the etrog.

4 thoughts on “Ba dump dump dump

  1. pity. esrogs are yuuuummmy.
    there’s a long tradition, described in the mishna, of kids eating the esrogim as soon as the holiday ends. so… he’s in good company.
    there’s also apparantly a tradition of esrog lynching, where high priest who are revealed as idoloters are pelted to death with the things.

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