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Barbara Ann’s Radnofsky’s Message Resonating with Texans

Just a few short months ago, while chilling at my luxurious sixth floor walk-up on their very bare bones fundraising trip in New York, Barbara Ann Radnofsky, the Texan Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate and her campaign manger, Seth Davidson, discussed how they were fighting a lack of interest in both donors and Democratic support because of the perception that they didn’t have a chance to take down a Republican senator in Texas with close ties to Bush (Sen. Hutchison has a 95.6% legislative agreement with W), and how they knew this would change once they won the nomination, which they proceeded to do handily.
And indeed, this is clearly no longer the situation, and significant support is now being offered even on a national level. For instance, both Senators Kennedy and Kerry will be hosting a fundraiser for Barbara in July, as this fight is considered a critical one, and one worth fighting.
But where are New York’s senators? Why is their no such fundraiser scheduled in New York? It is certainly not because the Radnofsky campaign wouldn’t like to have one here.
Barbara is still behind, but has made fierce and fast progress. Hutchison’s approval rating is down 11 percentage points, to a historic low of 53%.
Part of this can be explained by the fact that Hutchison hasn’t faced serious opposition since at least her first campaign. Hutchison is even refusing, so far, to debate Barbara, which is as telling of her fear of Barbara’s abilities, and her lack of confidence in her own record, which Barbara would certainly seek to discuss.
So in the off chance that you or someone you know is unhappy with the current administration and its legislative allies, please pass along the link to Barbara’s website, and the address for contribution to Barbara’s campaign:
Barbara Ann Radnofsky US Senate Committee, P.O. Box 550377, Houston, TX 77255-0377

4 thoughts on “Barbara Ann’s Radnofsky’s Message Resonating with Texans

  1. From the Texas Jewish Post article last year,
    Radnofsky, 49 and the mother of three, is a partner with Vinson & Elkins in Houston, head of the firm’s alternate dispute resolution group, and has been with V&E for 27 years. She is a volunteer teacher of peer mediation, is a professional mediator, and has long been active in the community. She is vice-chairman of the Anti-Defamation League, and long-time supporter of the Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation, sponsoring publication of the Scrolls’ Concordance with her husband Ed Supkis, M.D., a graduate of Texas A&M University, and their three children: Danielle, a Rice University graduate, Max, at Texas A&M, and Michaela, at Memorial High School. Radnofsky is also a member of AIPAC and attended the 2004 and 2005 policy conferences. Her travels to Israel—twice since the November, 2004 election—included visits to the Golan Heights, the Negev, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Caesaria, and security checkpoints.
    Radnofsky’s campaign focuses on the substantive issues she has discussed with voters in her 315 trips across Texas since 2004, when she began exploring the senate race.
    Radnofsky’s web site,, lists major proposals of her campaign and charts the ineffective representation of her opponent.
    Radnofsky points to the poor treatment of veterans as an example of why change is needed. “I’m the daughter of a WWII veteran, and the granddaughter of a WWI veteran. When my father was in POW camp in Germany and the Nazis visited the camp and told all the Jews to step forward, to a man every prisoner stepped forward. I’m here because of the service, risk-taking, and sacrifice of our veterans, and they deserve the treatment they were promised.”

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