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Barbara Radnofsky Wins Runoff in Texas!

Barbara_RadnofskyT.jpgThe A.P. reports,

Radnofsky had 61 percent of the vote, compared with Kelly’s 39 percent with nearly 30 percent of precincts reporting.
The winning Democrat goes on to face Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison in November in what will be a long-shot attempt to unseat the entrenched incumbent.

Don’t be fooled — the Republicans are terrified.  This will be Hutchison’s first real fight in a long time, and on W’s home turf. 
Congratulations, Barbara!

3 thoughts on “Barbara Radnofsky Wins Runoff in Texas!

  1. she does not have a chance. I live in Spring, near Houston. The only people voting for her will be the small group in SW Houston. This is the only place in Houston you can see “anti-W” bumper stickers or DEM yard signs. This area is as bible thumping as you can get, even when they have no idea what is in the book they thump.
    I have voted REP mostly last few elections cause the DEMS are nothing to vote for in Texas except minority pimps. Even the token Jew on city council is married to a non Jew.
    But I am now more IND than REP. They have blown it on the immigration issues, Katrina and the Iraq war.
    Radnofsky will have to get the minority and New Orleans refugees to vote for her to hope to win.

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