Bark Mitzvah

As cute as this might seem to some of you on the surface, my inclination is to believe that nonsense like this is taking things a bit too far. I mean, at what point do we cease to honor our traditions and instead begin to cheapen them through caricature? Do jokes like this Bark Mitzvah and 50 Shekel help bring us closer to our identities as Jews, or do they merely serve to marginalize our identification to the point where we begin to perpetuate our own stereotypes?

5 thoughts on “Bark Mitzvah

  1. according to halakha you are not allowed to feed animals human food, with a few exceptions. so think about it…..a form of self hatred perhaps?

  2. I wish people could just lighten up. IT’S COMEDY! You’ve ALREADY spent too much time thinking about it!! The only thoughts you should have is, “That’s funny,” or “That’s not funny.” Maybe, “I don’t get it.” And then MOVE ON. Perhaps it’s a cosmic irony that Jews can be so funny yet so self-analytical at the same time (like, here’s a gift, and here’s a burden you must endure with that gift). Sure, if a Jew’s only connection to Hannukah is Adam Sandler’s song, that’s sad…but it has nothing to do with the actual song, right?! You talk about “on the surface.” Versus what? If you’re looking for the deeper meaning “below the surface” of a dog cutting challah, well, then it’s you who needs the analysis! 😉

  3. Speaking as a dog, I’m glad the Jewish community is finally recognizing the rights of a community that has long been ignored. How many times on Erev Rosh Hashanah did I have to watch my owners get all dolled up for services, merely to leave me in the corner? How many Shabboses did I spend away from any human contact, because my owners labelled me untouchable on the holy day?
    Do I not have rights as a Jewish dog? Is the Covenant not open to the canine species?
    I beg to differ. And others are beginning to agree:
    This is only the beginning. I pray for a day that dogs can share in the sublime joy of Jewish tradition.
    I am dog. Hear me bark.

  4. I’m with you here, shred. You could dismiss it all as a joke, but people do this kind of stuff – it’s not like some parody on a website that you can laugh at and then move on. It’s actually something you could see one of your neighbors inviting you to. Granted, the actualy Bar Mitzvah has become pretty crass, but that’s another story. This is going way too far.

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