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Baruch Dayan HaEmet

It seems that Rabbi Eliezer Waldenberg, the posek also known as Tzitz Eliezer, has passed away. He made some famous rulings on abortion, IV fertilization, and medical ethics, and was especially known for his emphasis on kevod ha-beriyot, human dignity. He also made some interesting rulings on transgender issues, ruling that sometimes gender reassignment surgery was necessary for transsexuals on the basis of pikuach nefesh (saving a life), and that one’s gender did accordingly also change halakhically (so, ie, a female to male transexual would be considered male accoriding to Jewish law).
I don’t agree with every ruling he ever made on every issue, but, without question, he was a brave and innovative thinker who did some very important work.

3 thoughts on “Baruch Dayan HaEmet

  1. I don’t think that Danya is suggesing that she is a Rabinnic contemporary of the Tzitz Eliezer.
    However, even mere mortals like us are allowed to have opinions on Halachic responsa, with the always-present disclaimer that we are coming from a different place in terms of both piety and Halachic expertise.
    The answer to every Halachic questions can’t be “Shut up unless you’re a Gadol who’s greater than my Gadol.”

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