Baruch Lanner’s Enabler: Still Making ‘em Frum

Failed Messiah has uncovered some interesting news on the career of Rabbi Matt Tropp, who lied to the court, attacked Lanner’s accusers, and pulled all sorts of foylashtick in order to protect his boss at the Orthodox Union’s NCSY because…well, we know why. Because Baruch Lanner — who abused girls and kneed boys in the groin FOR DECADES — made kids Orthodox.
So where does such a person go? Well, obviously, he stays in kiruv! If it ain’t broke, why fix it? And one guess where.
Shmarya notes,
“[Rabbi Tropp] works for Aish HaTorah in NYC (where he teaches outreach skills) and he speaks for the OU, and he recently shared a platform with major OU leaders, including Rabbi Herschel Schachter.”
Rabbi Tropp is also the director of Project Inspire, a site so silly and lowest common denominator that only Big Aish could come up with it. But hey – at least the Orthodox Union knew better than to get involved with that, and with Rabbi Tropp again.

4 thoughts on “Baruch Lanner’s Enabler: Still Making ‘em Frum

  1. Actually, Project Inspire looks like an effective set of tools. I say that sadly, since I wouldn’t want it to succeed, but one can learn from this.

  2. I remember those guys from my NCSY days. What makes the whole experience so beautiful is that the advisors KNEW what was going on and didn’t warn us (some of us being 14-year-old-jailbait). After all, it’s wrong to gossip.

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