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Battle of the Gays

I was going to post about the earthquakin’ queers, but Rooftopper Rav beat me to it. What I would like to point out, however, is the juxtaposition of two articles currently on the Haaretz home page:

(Would it be wrong to call Haaretz a fence-sitter when it comes to LGBT issues?)

2 thoughts on “Battle of the Gays

  1. i think it would be wrong to call them fence-sitters – the article on benizri was a news report, and the tone of the article was very much against him.
    the other column was an opinion column endorsed by the paper.
    i dont really think the two can be compared.

  2. Okay having read the article that makes the link between economic health and gays I have to respond. Especially about the link between high-tech and gayness. (and you’re criticizing Shas’s understanding of natural science)
    A very thorough debunking is provided here:
    Either way, even if it’s true, nobody cares. Who thought it was a good idea to make Jews choose between money and Torah?

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