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Be a fly on the wall at the RA Convention

The Rabbinical Assembly is having their annual convention RIGHT NOW at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in New York City. And you can watch the action online as a selection of events are live-streamed (and then archived for future viewing). I am too busy to actually check in on the proceedings, so I can’t guarantee that anything interesting will be happening, but I believe in about an hour they’ll be dedicating the new Conservative Machzor, so maybe some of our liturgy geeks will want to check that out.
Here’s a sample from Sunday’s discussion with Rabbi David Wolpe and Rabbi Harold Kushner:

I know they’re not streaming the entire conference, and I’m having a hard time locating a conference schedule, so maybe one of our readers can jump in with suggestions of when to tune in in our comments section.

3 thoughts on “Be a fly on the wall at the RA Convention

  1. Hi Jewschool Friends,
    We were experimenting with livestreaming this year so we didn’t advertise or publicize (hopefully this will improve for future events). The sessions that were streamed are all available in the archive here:
    They include the following:
    Harold Kushner and David Wolpe
    Chancellor Eisen’s address
    Dan Senor: Israel an Economic Miracle
    Dedication of Mahzor Lev Shalem
    Installation of Officers Part 1
    Installation Part 2 and Joint Campaign reception honoring Neil Gillman
    Honoring 50-year Rabbis
    Though the titles may not be all that engaging, some of the content in the speeches was excellent and will hopefully engender discussion on Jewschool and beyond.
    Thanks so much for picking up this story,

  2. Basically they streamed the main sessions. A lot of the convention was smaller classes and work shops, which were not streamed. I especially recommend Kushner and Wolpe, and Arnie Eisen.
    It’s my first RA convention in maybe 15 years, and it was really worth doing.

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